Hello, world!

My name is Justin Juno. I'm an infinitely curious and optimistic software developer seeking career opportunities. Welcome to my corner of the internet.


For those curious about my current setup, tools, or apps I use regularly, here's a list.


  • Apple - 2019 Macbook Air.
  • Samsung - 591 Series 27" LCD Curved Monitor.
  • Sony - XB650BT Headphones.

Design & Development

  • Figma - Prototyping tool for collaborating, wire-framing, and designing.
  • Hyper Term - Beautiful and extensible command-line interface.
  • VS Code - Code editor for building and debugging modern applications.
  • Quokka - Rapid IDE JavaScript prototyping.
  • GitHub - Development platform for building and managing software.
  • Dash - Offline access to 200+ API documentation sets.
  • Postman - Platform for developing, testing, and monitoring APIs.


  • Magnet - Declutters desktops and organizes windows into customizable tiles.
  • Notion - Workspace for planning, writing, and organizing thoughts.
  • Slack - Messaging app for client, team, and community conversations.
  • Spotify - Music and media streaming service.
  • Breaker - Podcasting app with a social aspect.

"You can learn a lot for the low price of your ego."

Shawn Wang