Hello World!

My name is Justin Juno. I develop tested, accessible, and aesthetically-pleasing solutions for the modern web. I'm passionate about open-source, javascript, and enjoy teaching others about programming. Offline, I love spending time with my beautiful wife, our wild twins, and designing goods for Dev Cotton.

Open Source Galaxy

React, Gatsby, and Styled Components

A personal project to encourage and help developers get more involved in open source. With Open Source Galaxy users can easily explore and sort the latest GitHub issues by language and label. Also featured in Gatsby's site showcase.

Discovery Tool

React and Styled Components

A sales tool for Mentoring Minds customer-facing teams to deliver cohesive and geo-specific product presentations from the field or office. Each presentation is personalized and provides an overview of the Mentoring Minds brand, research, product offerings, and more.

Mind Mail

React, MJML, HTML, and Marketo

A complete email marketing system for Mentoring Minds communications with individual and customizable templates for all major customer touchpoints. All templates take advantage of Marketo syntax and can easily be customized without the assistance of a developer.

ISTE Standards

React and Styled Components

A personal project to help educators and school adminstrators reference the ISTE standards to cultivate an innovative learning environment for the digital age.


Handlebars, SASS, Node, and MongoDB

A personal project and no-nonsense, note-taking application for capturing ideas.

Etch-a-Sketch JS

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Exploring web interactives with a simple "Etch-a-Sketch" like application. Created with vanilla js and html canvas. Intended for desktop use only.


React, Gatsby, and SASS

A developer resource for getting keyboard key codes (desktop only). Also featured in Gatsby's site showcase.