Husband, father of twins, and caffeinated-being.
Justin and Lindsey Juno.Parker and Penelope Juno.Sufie Juno


My name is Justin Juno. I'm a Senior Software Developer from Whitehouse, Texas. I thrive in the frontend and have years of experience making web apps/ sites that are accessible and memorable.

Currently, I'm building the future of work at mmhmm, a video communications company. I love open source and learning/building in public because I believe the best thing a human being can do is to help someone know more.

Offline, my family is my world: I love spending time with my wife, Lindsey, our twin toddlers, Parker and Penelope, and dachshund, Sufie. I also enjoy strumming the guitar, trying new recipes on the grill, and playing Rocket League on Nintendo Switch.


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